Revolutionary New Pizza Tray Insert

Welcome to EccoX™. Our EccoX™ Pizza insert is built with organic materials and the latest technologies to meet the highest industry standards. EccoX™ is an eco- friendly expanded paper insert tray that keeps pizza oven fresh during delivery by isolating the pizza from the base of the box, so that the crust does not get soggy by sitting in its own juices. It is made from high quality paper cup stock, coated with a food grade oil and moisture barrier. 

This revolutionary new product has three main marketing targets. Firstly, a fast growing progressive pizza chain who wants to differentiate their quality in a competitive marketplace. Secondly, a growing pizza carton manufacturer to use as a quality up sell with their carton business. Thirdly, a large pizza food distributor to add to their paper product offering within their whole assortment. 

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